Making Intro.

The fundakit will be used by groups of youth in informal learning centres. This section will function as a work-in-progress sketchbook for documenting exercises, experiments, ideas and processes related to projects developed at the centres. Related How-tos and example Scratch and funda projects will also be included.

Making (2012)
Making (2013)


My idea is to make a game on a mat or recycled cardboard. And my game will allow us to have fun and learn more about collective nouns.

To make my game, someone will have to record their voice to ask the questions; for example: to say like this “what is a ‘drove'”, and the people will search for the answer which is ‘pig’.

And in this way we are playing and studying at the same time.

João, Superman

Project Proposal:
Proposal for collective nouns game. SIM, Portugal. Feb. 2011.

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